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Age: 39 years

Sign: Aquarius

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 54 kg

Hair color: blond

Eye color: blue

Breast: firm, size 3

Orientation: bisexual

The most common question I hear from my clients is why someone like me does such a thing. Everyone behind this work sees only the despair of someone who tries to grab a crown in this way, few people go further in their thinking. So I'm living proof that it can have completely different reasons. I definitely wasn't a good girl in college. But then I started a business right away, there wasn't much time for anything else, I took out a bit of the adrenaline in the modeling I was doing at the same time, took pictures of some nudes, which I enjoy to this day, but I didn't catch anything else except company parties and meetings with clients.

Today I am 39 years old, I have a small but decently prosperous company that is already running more or less alone and suddenly I find myself bored most of the day. I'm no Puritan, I like men and women, I like to wear high heels, nylons, I just like sexy, The idea of ​​providing sexual services to strange men has always excited me and I know it excites a lot of women, but they never have the courage to try something like that. I'm not the type to want to regret in his seventies that he only had something in his imagination, but he never did. Today I experience the adrenaline every day, the curiosity of whether a young nervous boy comes or sometimes an equally nervous older gentleman excites me. Often people think that when something is too cheap, it can't be good or good, after all, sometimes I have this prejudice, but she's actually true.

The second most common question I hear is why someone like me does something like that for money. The answer is simple, in my "better" life I do business for money, I like it, I like to buy nice things, I like to travel, money really liberates to a certain extent, I will not do it for free, it would deny the meaning of why I started services for can provide certain costs.
What I do absolutely satisfies my desire for adrenaline, I wanted to try to see if I can realize myself in the oldest craft in the world and maybe even bring a new idea there.

So if any of this intrigued you and didn't poison you, I'd love to meet you.