MENU No. 3

When using massage oil, I will devote the entire massage only to your intimate places, gradually irritating your groin, nipples, testicles, external prostate, bridle and acorn. It can also include internal prostate massage (extra charge), footjob. The massage has an ascending course, ie from light touches with gradual gradation to your climax. With your proper communication, we will be able to delay your orgasm together, I will definitely not rush you, I know very well that the experience that is gradually coming is even more intense. Your help word for delaying orgasm is SAMANTHA, just say it and I'll slow down. The termination can be by hand, mouth (with protection), legs, or you can be satisfied with protection for front or back between my oiled thighs (interfemoral sex) or your own hand during my autoerotics for an additional fee. I am almost naked during the massage. Oral ending is always included in the price.

To order, call me or order through my reservation system.

My reward:

CZK 2,300 (massage extended to 90 minutes, more climax) - prostate massage and sex between the thighs included
CZK 1,500 (60 minutes)
CZK 1,100 (30 minutes)


internal prostate massage: + 500 CZK (for a 90-minute massage included)
sex between the thighs interferoral sex: + 300 CZK (for a 90-minute massage included)

body climax: + 500 CZK

When ordering by phone, just report to me that you are interested in MENU No. 3.