MENU No. 8

Are you excited by the idea that a dark car with dark glass will be delivered to the place you specify at the set time, the driver in a suit will open the back door for you, get in the car and there is an attractive long-haired blonde waiting for you? A driver who is paid not to see or hear what is happening in the back places will start and take you with that woman around Prague, while you talk to her, you will drink a glass of sparkling wine with pleasant music, she will satisfy herself, then you she pulls off her pants, she strokes you, you can touch her everywhere, then she takes it in her mouth, will she smoke it for you? Then he'll undress, spread his legs or get on you and it will do you good. Or do you prefer footjob, licking, footfetish or handjob? You have an hour, so why not do it again? Or do you mind the driver? There may be a curtain between the driver and the rear seats or order him to stop and leave you alone with the woman in the car, because you pay, you decide. He can then take you to the same place where you boarded or to a place you choose. Do you have your own idea of ​​what I should be wearing? Just tell me and I'll dress according to you. If any of this attracts you, call me and we will agree on which day, which time and where the car is to be delivered. Men often order this service from me as a gift for their friend, for example for a birthday or as a bachelorette party. For new customers, a deposit is required, for regular customers, trust will suffice. I am available for this service by prior arrangement from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Oral and sex only with protection. You can call me from 11 a.m. until about midnight.

My reward:

1 hour ................................. CZK 4,000 (for new customers it is necessary to pay a deposit of CZK 500 via PayPal)
2 hours ................................. CZK 6,000 (for new customers it is necessary to pay a deposit of CZK 500 via PayPal)

In the case of a deposit, payment can be made either by depositing or transferring to my account with Fio banka, Česká spořitelna or Komerční banka or via Pay Pay on my website; no deposit is required for regular customers.

When ordering by phone, just report to me that you are interested in MENU No. 8.